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Thomas Plumbing was established in 1979 in Missoula, Montana by Richard W. Thomas. Mr. Thomas ran his plumbing & heating service shop out of his own home for 3 years. In 1982 his clientele grew too large for RIch to run his business out of his home. Thomas Plumbing & Heating moved to its South Avenue location to accommodate his growing business. After remodeling the new building Rich decided to expand his business to not only service but to parts sales too.

Selling new fixtures, plumbing and heating parts was a growing industry, with such a great opportunity at his grasp RIch decided it was time to expand his shop. The first of two additions was built in 1992 to allow more room for kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Utilizing this free space Rich was determined to make his business not only a service store but a Do-It Yourself Store, which he is very proud to say he has done, with one of the largest parts stores in town.

6 years later the industry was still growing at an alarming rate, Rich decided to expand his showroom one last time. Incorporating working fireplaces was the icing on the cake for his showroom. With his beautiful 3000 sq ft showroom Rich and Thomas Plumbing & Heating was ready for any size project.

Today we provide a variety of heating and plumbing services including everything from boiler repair and retrofitting, to water heater repair, to plumbing parts and fixtures, to heating and furnace parts, and much more.  Call or visit us today!


Thomas Plumbing can help you with all your plumbing needs. No matter what you need to do, we can help you with your project.


Thomas Plumber has hundreds of parts available for all of your plumbing needs. Both used and new, we can help you out.